This is a sketch dump of Nicc Balce a.k.a. Robotnicc. Illustrator and husband of Jamie. Also a fan of eggplants.

His finished works can be seen at deviantart. Also check out his Flickr and Threadless pages. Oh and his folio is at dAportfolio.


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More commute doodles. 8)

I don’t believe I posted this one yet.   

Sketches for my buddy Michael circa 2010.  Concepts for a 3d character.

Also,  yeah.  I notice I’m posting a lot of old sketches.  It’s just that I’ve been spending my personal drawing time trying to learn 3d and none of the stuff i’ve been making look any good just yet.  

More throwback sketches for Parasoul.  Dunno if any of these got in.

Some Cerebella move concepts.  I think the windmill arm move made it into the game.  It was either inspired by Dad and Me or Castle Crashers.

Been sketching TF2’s Administrator and Miss Pauling.  8)

Here’s how the shirt design “For Your Health”  came into being.  On a sidenote the title is a reference to Dr. Steve Brule’s segment on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!  I also was planning to compose the whole thing to look like Dr. Steve Brule, but that was too hard.  

Also:  Last hour sale on the shirt!  

1.  Janine fan art that I never posted.  

2.  My unfinished fan art of Robert Iza’s EIN, in 80s glistening muscle form.  I’ll still probably finish this later.

3.  The last preview of my Teefury shirt that’s going to launch tomorrow, June 19.  I’m also going to post more about it as it gets out.  

More scene composition studies and another teaser for this Thursday’s shirt sale.  8)

Sketch post.  Plus a teaser on a shirt design I worked on.  It’s gonna be up this Thursday. Stay Tuned!  8)

I’m gonna rest for now.  I feel kinda sick.  

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