This is a sketch dump of Nicc Balce a.k.a. Robotnicc. Illustrator and husband of Jamie.

His finished works can be seen at deviantart. Also check out his Flickr and Threadless pages. Oh and his folio is at dAportfolio.


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Quick Ultraman sketch for .  

Pre-lunch doodles of Gaijin Girl’s Alice.  I haven’t been posting much coz I’ve been finishing commissions and I’ve also been chipping away at Gaijin Girl.  I found myself fixing a lot of the old pages you guys may have read on this tumblr.  

A select fraction of the doodles of the past few weeks.  This is an overlap of daily commuting and CTN Expo.  

Value studies I’ve been doing for the past couple of weeks.  The stations vary from Millbrae, Palo Alto, and Menlo Park.  The limited color palette study was for the color theory workshop at work, inspired by some abandoned places I saw on the internet.  

I think I was watching some kind of musical when I drew these.

Pokemon x

Some of my doodles from behind the table at APE 2013. Thanks to everyone who dropped by!

Also sorry if I had my head down drawing on my tablet. I’m just a bit shy like that.

More sketches.

Long time, no post.  I’ll update throughout the week with some doodles.  This was the day after I attended Alex Woo's 3-hour gesture drawing crash course he held at work.  8)

More doodles. 8)

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