This is a sketch dump of Nicc Balce a.k.a. Robotnicc. Illustrator and husband of Jamie.

His finished works can be seen at deviantart. Also check out his Flickr and Threadless pages. Oh and his folio is at dAportfolio.


Trying out these photoshop pencils that I found through Bozrat.   Feels right.  8)

Here’s my entry for the Diablo 3 art contest.  8)

As seen on my dA page too.

superrobotpilot asked: Favorite Ultraman?

My Fave’s gotta be the first one.  That’s the one I grew up with.   8)

Quick Ultraman sketch for .  

Colored Jamie’s sphinx line art.  8)  If you guys wanna take a shot at coloring it too, go for it and maybe link her back.  

Pre-lunch doodles of Gaijin Girl’s Alice.  I haven’t been posting much coz I’ve been finishing commissions and I’ve also been chipping away at Gaijin Girl.  I found myself fixing a lot of the old pages you guys may have read on this tumblr.  

Catching up on Sketch Dailies for last week.    

So slow.  @_@  I wanna catch up to the current week with the robot monsters and stuff.

Rough sketches.

Honey Badger for Sketch Dailies.

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