Hey Jess!   Yeah I’ll print out a couple.  I wasn’t planning to sell prints of that, but I’ll make a couple and see if it sells.  8)

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oh oh oh ! can you print that one you did of ready player one? in the environment ? I really liked that one :O

I’m sharing a table with my wife Jamie and my coworker U-Bin Li  at booth 215 at APE 2014 this Saturday and Sunday,  October 4-5!  I’m selling prints and some Black Torch books, Jamie is selling prints and stickers,  and U-bin’s selling prints, zines, and brooches.  Drop by and say hi!

Included in my print lineup this year are Red, Here Comes A New Challenger, and Usagi and Her Bicycle Gang among other past prints I still have in stock. 

Also,  If you wanna buy a print of a specific image I’ve done in the past that I probably forgot to print, please let me know and I’ll get it ready if you’re dropping by our booth! 

Commute Sketches.

Random commute sketches.

Random commute sketches.

Wade Watts and Art3mis sketches.  More to come.

Wade Watts and Art3mis sketches.  More to come.

Dr. Sketchy’s at Chicken John’s Warehouse with Aja De Coudreaux.

Labor day weekend sketches.

I got Pentel brush pens from Amazon.  They’ve been pretty good so far.  No signs of running out of ink yet.  They come with one refill and a pack of two refills are only around $4-$5.  They also work well with copics and watercolors.  

Also,  one notable thing about this particular brush pen is the ability to make really clean fine lines, if you’re delicate with it. I’ve had other brush pens in the past and this one so far had the best line control ever. 

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where do u get ur brush pens , and how efficient are they?