This is a sketch dump of Nicc Balce a.k.a. Robotnicc. Illustrator and husband of Jamie. Also a fan of eggplants.

His finished works can be seen at deviantart. Also check out his Flickr and Threadless pages. Oh and his folio is at dAportfolio.


Red fan art for Supergiant Games’s Transistor. 8)

Commute doodle of Red from Transistor.  8)

More commute doodles. 8)

Yep! It’s one of Double’s ults

Oh that’s good, then! I was expecting it to be one of Peacock’s intros, though.

I really should play it some more. 8)

Not sure if this ever made it into the game.  But this was one of the longer ones I ever had to clean up.  8)

Work in progress.  This fold-up bike’s almost there.   

Finally something new.  8)

Dug out some more Parasoul concepts.  

I don’t believe I posted this one yet.   

Sketches for my buddy Michael circa 2010.  Concepts for a 3d character.

Also,  yeah.  I notice I’m posting a lot of old sketches.  It’s just that I’ve been spending my personal drawing time trying to learn 3d and none of the stuff i’ve been making look any good just yet.  

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